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The easiest way to sell your Magic: The Gathering Cards for great prices.

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Magic: The Gathering cards for great prices


What our clients say

Magic Karten verkaufen
The easiest way to sell your Magic cards

Six stepsto a succesful sale to Big O Cards

MTG Kartenankauf

1. Fill out the offer form

Please provide us some information about you and your Magic cards. Afterwards you will get information about the next steps.

MTG Kartenankauf

2. Information about your Magic cards

Let us know which cards you would like to sell. You can comfortably do this by sending us pictures or a spreadsheet. We show you how to do that most effectively after the first step.

MTG Kartenankauf

3. Our first offer for you

We will come back at you within one work day with a first offer. We pay between 70% and 75% of the market value. You can then decide, whether you want to accept our offer.

MTG Kartenankauf

4. Send us your cards

If you agree with our first offer, send us your cards. Note: If you don't feel like making pictures of your cards or sending a spreadsheet, you can also send us your cards directly. Please contact us before in that case.

MTG Kartenankauf

5. Our final offer

After receiving your parcel we will check it based on the pictures or spreadsheet. On that basis we make our final offer that usually doesn't differ much or at all from the first offer. If you don't agree with the final offer, we send the cards back on our cost.

MTG Kartenankauf

6. Receive your money

If you agree with our final offer, we transfer the agreed upon purchase price. This usually only takes one workday - by Bank or PayPal, free of any fees.

Are there any questions?

We have answered the most frequent questions in the FAQ section. You find it here.
If there is still anything that is unclear, you can use the Contact Form or contact Big O Cards directly via E-Mail or WhatsApp.

Step One: Who are you?

Let us get to know you first, so we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Step Two: What would you like to sell?

Step Three: How would you like to offer us your cards?

Final Step: Write a note