The Vision

Having made a lot of experiences in the collectibles and the trading card segment as players and collectors ourselves, we have dedicated Big O Cards to provide the service we always wished for when selling Magic cards to our customers.

Inserting each card individually on sales platforms like cardmarket and sending it out to numerous different sellers seemed too time consuming and often resulted in fraud and stress.

Visiting local gamestores on the other hand came with practically no risk, but the offered prices were between 40 and 60% of the fair market value. And especially when high-end Magic: The Gathering cards like Duallands are involved, this really hurts.

And that is where we come into play:

At Big O Cards we pay top-notch prices ranging around 70-75% of the fair market value, which we define as real, comparable sellers of each individual card in the same condition. That combined with a fast transaction and highest security standards when selling your Magic: The Gathering cards is our promise to you.

Numbers speak for themselves.

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