Frequently Asked Questions


We usually pay around 70-75% of the fair market value for all Magic: The Gathering cards.

To determine the fair market value, we use comparable German providers of the same card in a similar condition, in particular via

Cards with a market value of less than 30 cents are an exception, here we use the following bulk prices:

  • 7 Cent per Bulk Rare and Mythic
  • 3€ for 1000  Uncommons 
  • 1€ for 1000 Commons

First of all, it is important that cards with a value of over € 10 come in protective sleeves – usually 3-5 cards fit in there.

If there are few (1-30 pieces) and / or not quite as high-quality cards (total value less than 50 €), we recommend sending them in a bubble envelope. It is important to fix the cards in the envelope in such a way that they are kink-proof and protected from external influences such as a postmark.

If the cards are more or particularly high-quality, it is advisable to send the cards in a package.

The best thing to do here is to wrap the cards in protective sleeves in a deck box. It is important that the cards cannot be shaken inside the deck box.

The deck box itself should be padded with paper / newspaper or similar inside the package so that it is not shaken through during transport.

Near mint (NM)

A card in the Near Mint state looks like it has never been played without its sleeves. Minor blemishes are allowed, but there shouldn’t be any major signs of wear and tear.

The edge of a Near Mint card can have a few small white areas, but these can really only be very few, very small areas. When viewed in bright daylight, the card must appear clean. A small tolerance is also allowed here, but scratches are taboo.

Since the term mint is often not used at all for current maps, near mint usually means that the map can also be in better condition. In America, the term NM / M is often used for this.

Excellent (EX)

A card in the Excellent state looks like it has been used for a few games without sleeves. In most cases you can see at first glance that an Excellent card is not in perfect condition. However, the damage may only be of minor extent.

Excellent cards usually have a few white spots on the edge and in the corners. The surface can have a few small scratches, but these should not jump directly into the eye in normal light.

Good (GD)

A card in good condition usually shows significant signs of wear and tear in all areas of the card, so that white areas are pronounced at corners and edges. The surface of the card has often got a few scratches and is slightly soiled. However, these are only normal signs of use. The card has no kinks or water damage.

Light played (LP)

A card in the Light Played state looks like it has been played for a long period of time without the card sleeves.

The most important criterion for a light played card is that it is unquestionably tournament legal when played in a sleeve. In addition, the card has not been tampered with, so it has no blackened edges, has not been scrawled, etc.

Played (PL)

A card in the played state looks as bad as any card can get through normal use.

A played card looks pretty badly damaged and it is not always clear whether it is still tournament legal in its sleeves. However, the card has not been tampered with, so it has no blackened edges, is not scrawled, has no cracks, etc.


Everything else is poor. Typically, a card in the poor state has damage that cannot be caused by normal play with a card.

A card in the poor state can safely be described as destroyed. It is either so damaged that it obviously cannot be used in any tournament or it has been damaged in some other way so that its value has been almost completely destroyed. Examples include blackened edges, scrawled cards, severe water damage, and cracks in the card.


No. If you would like to use our third purchase method (direct shipping to us) and send us the cards directly, we will make you an offer within one working day upon arrival. If you don’t like it, you can decline it – we will send the cards back to you at our expense.

No, we are currently only buying Magic: The Gathering cards.

We always recommend that all shipments to us be adequately insured to ensure the greatest possible security for the transaction. We do not accept any liability for shipments that are lost in the mail by a transport service provider.

Based on many positive experiences, we recommend shipping via DHL.

You can find a lot of general information about the purchase process at Home.

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